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16 November 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Picspam: Babylon  

Jolan: You have spilled the blood of a Sodan warrior. Did you think our mercy was without purpose? Lord Haikon has decreed that you will answer for your crimes by way of Kel shak lo. Ritual battle with another warrior. And on that day, you will die.

Jolan: You are slow and undisciplined. If you fought your opponent today, you would die without landing a single blow.
Cam: And what happens if I refuse to fight? You just kill me?
Jolan: It is an alternative you do not wish to explore.

Cam: Speaking of gods, I know this is probably taboo, but I need to talk to your boss. That visitor you had yesterday. I'm assuming it's not the first time he's been here. I've met their kind before. They're bad news. Look, I'll do any crazy training exercise you want… within reason.
Jolan: Finish the course in time, and I'll consider it.

Jolan: You may provide a challenge to your opponent after all, Mitchell.
Cam: Followed by my violent death, of course.
Jolan: Of course.

Jolan: Why do you do this?
Cam: Do what?
Jolan: Train this hard. These are the last days of your life. I would think you would spend more time in reflection.
Cam: Well, all I know is, the moment you accept your fate, that's when you're as good as dead. Till then, all bets are off.

Haikon: You have spilled the blood of a Sodan warrior, human! Do you deny it?
Cam: No, but it wasn't… No, I don't deny it.
Haikon: If any blood kin of the warrior seek recompense, let them step forward, now!
Jolan: I seek it.

Jolan: He fought and died a warrior, my Lord. It is only fitting he be given the rite of Shel mak assah.
Haikon: Very well.

Cam: So, did it work?
Jolan: The ruse was most effective. They believe you are dead.
Cam: Well done, Bones.